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The Cameroonian Association For Solidarity and Development

CASDEV is an organisation that focuses on the development of the Cameroonian community. With our vision being to bring change in the lives that we come across, we are able to aide different groups of people that are in need of us. In agreement to SINMAS, we believe everyone is entitled to a chance to succeed in life. Which is why we create the opportunities we want to see and make a change for the better world we desire. That is why in cooperation with SINMAS, 10% of income made in sales will contribute to CASDEV’s mission quarterly.


What we do:


• Training and raising medical awareness through seminars.

• Training workshops that develop basic yet required qualifications for small jobs established for the fundraising for social works projects.

• Visits of hospitals and donations as well as providing needed equipment.

• Visits of prisons accompanied by state computer extension programs in rural areas.

• AIDs consultation campaigns in rural areas, isolated ethnic groups and areas highly exposed to microbial, bacteriological and viral infections.

• Conferences: religious training seminars.

• Training and information workshops/seminars on citizenship and institutions.

• Holidays; football championship,

• Visits and donations of state prisons and orphanages.

• Informative workshops on the impact of bilateral relations between Cameroon and other countries with

graduate representation.




• CASDEV aims to strengthen solidarity between the people of Cameroon.

• The sensitization of urban and rural populations to major problems such as HIV-AIDS, STDs / STIs, malaria, cholera, drugs, diabetes, tuberculosis, leprosy, autism, sickle cell disease, risky sexual behaviour and other pandemics, within the society.

• Sensitization of young people to juvenile delinquency, banditry and etc

• The exhortation of the populations to resort to civic and ethical values.

• Help social cases and people in difficulty.

• Support for socio-humanitarian work and institutions in Cameroon.

• Popularisation of new information and communication technologies.

• Promote the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship.

• Promote and organize leisure activities for young people (holiday camps and holiday championship)




By having the privilege to carry these actions, CASDEV continues to be a motivated organisation seeking

change; whilst remaining obedient for the civic values they stand for. Through the service, they provide in the community, they bring light to new talents and step by step make their desire of having a country free of corruption, yet stable and a pleasant place to live in become reality. CASDEV in partnership with SINMAS.


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